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Welcome to the Doors foundation. ;>

The purpose of this foundation is simple, It is the teaching (Please Note that training isn't mentioned here) of the relativaly simple techniques of using the hardware in your computer.

What this amounts to is an easy way to do what the big boys in the industry do, With all that pesky 'C' techniques that everyone espouses are simply the best.

I believe that 'C' may have it's place but not here. These lessons will be assembler for the most part and pascal for the remainder. They will start out as just simple things having to do with one peice of hardware at a time.

The sourcecode is entirely open and provided as is. I make no attempt to claim to be a guru or anything vaugly like it. I just happen to think that the whole thing with operating systems and programming is going bonkers and i want to fight this.

I provide almost all the tools i use right here on this sight. As this progresses further it will be turned into a tutorial on how operating systems work in general and may end up being made into one. You will need to supply your own TP7/BP7 compatible Pascal Compiler.

This whole thing started because I lost a page of search engines I used when my ISP changed site format. There new site layout used a style that was of no use to me. So I went back in my browser cache and recovered it. Once recovered it was posted in the home page of my email address and modified to suit my needs more closely.

The whole reason that I had done this was that I had been looking for information on how to test a bad harddrive. I had gone to look for links to places that had the information I needed. once I finally got the page back up and my search resumed it was in this "Why do people have to make things comlpicated?" frame of mind that I found lots of programs and objectcode for using the ports and no practical information.

The few places that had sourcecode buried it in four to twenty files in no apparent order making the whole thing untracable. On top of this it was all written in 'C' and lagely unreadable because it had been made to compile on many different compilers and flow depended on which compiler you used, which memory model you used, Etc.

Finally I began to trace the flowcharts in the actual specs that I found on WesternDigitals FTP site.(See Side Bar) Soon in had a working program in pascal and then in assembler.

The rest as they say is history. Discusted beyond words I began to work on this whole thing wanting bust this whole IDE ports are a peice of arcane technomagic bullmalarky. All I wanted to due was read sectors with out error recovery. Eventually I got there.

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