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Ide/Ata/Atapi Works in progress
Beginning programs.

First crude examples:
Dos only (SafeMode-Command Prompt Only - Win9x)
Make sure that the hardware addressed really exsists.
There is NO error checking at all done here.
Port168 will lock system if there is no
Master HD on 0x168 (This is master HD on Quaternary Port)
ReadPort will not lock system but,
can leave HD non responsive from aborted command.
Read source code for further notes.
Use all programs and source code at your own risk.
For educational use only. Not suitable or intended for any commercial purposes.

Boot Code is currently in 0.63 alpha status. It loads itself before dos does moving itself to the top of base memory (640K) and intercepting all int 13h disk commands by taking over the interrupt. Dos, freeDos or any equivalent OS should take to this fine as long as it uses a real mode boot setup.

It handles both standard int 13 reads and the extended reads for int 13 Fn 4x upto the 120Gb limit for single layer registers. I am working on the code to do the larger sizes but have had little time to work on it or test it. Compatibility with Sata is also questionable at this juncture, working on that also.

Port & Standards Information:
OEM Reference: Soon to be PCI-IDE Makers.
{Will be when I get time to finish}
Bios Reference: HardWare Reference: Soon to be PCI-IDE Vendors.
{Again when I get time}
Processor Reference:

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